The Tar Heel System

Tar Heel installs asphalt roofing according to GAF’s Weather Stopper Plus Guidelines. That means high quality materials, proper installation and workmanship, and a transferable manufacturer warranty for your roof. GAF is the nation's largest manufacturers of shingles, and has been in business for over one hundred years. We are proud to be certified through GAF, and as such are able to offer their 50 year extended warranty.

Replacing a roof requires a lot of moving parts.

There is the ground crew, responsible for cleaning and dumping debris and trash. Atop the roof are the roofers, as well as the roofing assistants. The assistants manage the continual flow of material, making sure roofers have plenty of nails and shingles. They also catch debris, and pass it down to the ground crew. The roofers, well, they roof.

We know our clients won’t climb the roof to make sure we are completing everything as per the contract. To remedy this, we provide detailed drone photos highlighting key components of the install process. While this gives peace of mind, it also ensures the roof will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Simply put, a picture is worth a thousand words.